Toward A Black PlayCrit in Educational Leadership: What School Leaders Need to Know About Black Boyhood Play

Journal of School Leadership

Childhood play is one of the hallmarks of early childhood education, yet most early childhood educators have stereotypical views of Black boyhood play. At the same time, few scholars have addressed teachers’ and school administrators’ stereotypes and biases of Black boys’ play styles and behaviors. The purpose of this conceptual paper is to highlight the ways in which school administrators reinforce the anti-Black misandric violence Black boys experience during play through disciplinary decision-making. We also explore how such reinforcement leads to Black boys’ entry into the preschool-to-prison pipeline. Ultimately, we aim to introduce Black PlayCrit to the field of educational leadership/adminstration in order to bring attention to anti-Black misandric violence against Black boys, and to celebrate the rich history and strength of Black boyhood play.