Fans, Bloggers, and Gamers: Exploring Participatory Culture

Jenkins, Henry

ContentsIntroduction: Confessions of an Aca/Fan I Inside Fandom1 Excerpts from “Matt Hills Interviews Henry Jenkins” 2 Star Trek Rerun, Reread, Rewritten: Fan Writing as Textual Poaching 3 “Normal Female Interest in Men Bonking”4 “Out of the Closet and into the Universe”: Queers and Star Trek with John CampbellII Going Digital5 “Do You Enjoy Making the Rest of Us Feel Stupid?”:, the Trickster Author, and Viewer Mastery 6 Interactive Audiences? The “Collective Intelligence” of Media Fans 7 Pop Cosmopolitanism: Mapping Cultural Flows in an Age of Media Convergence 8 Love Online 9 Blog This! 10 A Safety Net III Columbine and Beyond11 Professor Jenkins Goes to Washington 12 Coming Up Next! Ambushed on Donahue 13 The War between Effects and Meanings: Rethinking the Video Game Violence Debate 14 The Chinese Columbine: How One Tragedy Ignited the Chinese Government’s Simmering Fears of Youth Culture and the Internet 15 “The Monsters Next Door”: A Father-SonDialogue about Buffy, Moral Panic, and Generational Differenceswith Henry G. Jenkins IVNotes Index About the Author