Home-School Connections in a Multicultural Society : Learning From and With Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Families

Dantas, Maria Luiza; Manyak, Patrick C.

Contents Foreword – Sonia Nieto Preface Acknowledgments 1. Introduction – Patrick C. Manyak and Maria Luiza Dantas Part I: Home School (Dis)connections 2. “Lost Boys”, Cousins and Aunties: Using Sudanese Refugee Relationships to Complicate Definitions of “Family” – Kristen H. Perry 3. The Impact of Social Dynamics on Immigrant Children’s Language and Literacy Practices: Learning from Asian Families – Guofang Li 4. A Mother and Daughter Go to School: A Story of Strengths and Challenges – Catherine Compton-Lilly 5. Discontinuities and Differences among Muslim Arab-Americans: Making It at Home and School – Loukia K. Saroub 6. Building Connections between Homes and Schools – Melissa M. Schulz 7. Fostering Academic Identities among Latino Immigrant Students: Contextualizing Parents’ Roles – Lilia D. Monzo Teacher Commentary – Simeon Stumme Part II: Curriculum Transformations: Learning with Families 8. Do You Hear What I Hear?: Using the Parent Story Approach to Listen to and Learn from African American Parents – Patricia A. Edwards and Jennifer D. Turner 9. Home Visits: Learning from Students and Families – Maria Luiza Dantas and Michelle Coleman 10. Networks of Support: Learning from the Other Teachers in Children’s Lives – Susi Long and Dinah Volk 11. Issues in Funds of Knowledge Teaching and Research: Key Concepts from a Study of Appalachian Families and Schooling – Ellen McIntyre 12. How Knowledge Counts: Talking Family Knowledge and Lived Experience into Being as Resource for Academic Action – Elizabeth Yeager and Ralph A. Cordova, Jr. 13. Respecting Children’s Cultural and Linguistic Knowledge: The Pedagogical Possibilities and Challenges of Multiliteracies in Schools – Maria Jose Botelho, Sarah L. Cohen, Lisa Leoni, Patricia Chow, and Padma Sastri Teacher Commentary – Christine Kane and Kim Douillard Part III: Conclusion 14. Home-School-Community Collaborations in Uncertain Times – Francisco Rios List of Contributors Index